Conceptual photography is a type of photography that illustrates an idea. The ‘concept’ is both preconceived and, if successful, understandable in the completed image. These photographs are therefore produced to visualize a predetermined concept. Conceptual photography is all about ideas, symbols, and themes. It’s the perfect way to express yourself and make the most of your creative freedom. A picture is worth a thousand words, which means a variety of ideas can be condensed into a single photo. Photographs also offer a seemingly more real, tangible depiction of concepts that otherwise seem abstract or elusive. The conceptual photographer strives to bring a message to the viewer. It might be a political statement, a social commentary, or the portrayal of a psychological idea about people, relationships, and emotions. States of mind and subjective human experiences tend to be more challenging to represent as the concept of a visual image. They are often subtle, elusive, and intangible.