Portfolio contest 2021

The purpose of the More Art Please Portfolio contest is to identify trends in contemporary photography and highlight artists whose work deserves greater recognition. A photography portfolio can focus on a single subject. It can be a collection of photographs taken with a certain type of camera, an idea and its evolution, the representation of a concept, of one person or a group of people, only black & white or sepia photos, a special event, etc.

Here are the three winning portfolios: the story of the pianos, the fantastic Omo women and fairytale animals.

Romain Thiery – France, Requiem pour pianos

Yoni Blau – Israel, “Proud Woman of the Omo Valley”

In the Omo Valley, it feels as if time has no meaning. Days, months, seasons and years are irrelevant in this timeless corner of the world. Same goes for the concept of money, or the modern angst that comes with intellectual pursuit of the meaning of life and death. There, it is about life’s essentials. It’s about freedom and bare necessities. About being satisfied, joyful and surrounded by loved ones.
The artist tried capturing the essence of what it means to be “stuck in time” which made him keep wondering whether the subjects were left behind or whether the modern world is the one who made the wrong turn.

Sara Sandberg – Sweden