There is just something magical about black and white photography, isn’t there? The timeless beauty of the photos, the emotion that they bring, the different lighting contrasts that come to life. For the longest time, black and white film photography was the only medium available in photography. While color photography has also been around for a long time (the first color photo was taken in 1861), it was not until the 1960s when color truly started to dominate the world, and it has been that way ever since. Some people might think that black and white photos are antiquated and have no use in the modern world. Sure, shooting in color is great, but a black and white photo can bring a new perspective and aesthetic to your photos that can’t be expressed through color.

This year we organized the second edition of MONOCHROMERIFIC. All the selected works will be exposed virtually- on gallery site and physically in Brasov – Romania, between May 20 and June 15, and published in MONOCHROMERIFIC  2nd edition album. The best photographer will be nominated as gallery ARTIST, will win 1000 euro and will receive the exhibition album and paper diploma. All the accepted photographers will receive online diplomas.

Robin Young – Australia

Deadline 15.05.2021;

The exhibitions (virtual and physically)  with selected works starting with 20.05.2021.  By submitting  you are agree with our rules and private policy. Please submit 5 photos in order to participate at this contest. You can send your works to or

MONOCHROMERIFIC 2nd edition contest

Black and white – international photo contest

15,00 EUR